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Curved Wood Fishing Net

Curved Wood Fishing Net

Here in our shop each net is hand crafted, beautiful, and built to last generations. Made to withstand the rigors of hiking through the woods, across the stream, or backpacking through northern Minnesota. All our nets are made especially for backpackers and stream fishermen where weight is a consideration. Finished with varnish, and buffed with wax for an amazing feel. Net options: Curved 24", 16"x12" Net Big fish 24", 16"x12" Net Original American Craftsmen 24", 16"x12" Net Small trout Net 20", 14"x11" Traditional Nylon- Net with soft fish friendly mesh won't harm fish slime. Looks most traditional. Made entirely with recycled lumber right here in Minnesota.

  • Product Info

    Some of the nets do not have sewn netting but rather wraped nets like shown in the photo. Please include your preference when ordering.

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