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Ottertail Paddle

Ottertail Paddle

A quiet, peaceful, lightweight, and fantastic looking paddle! It is best suited for freestyle canoeing, light touring, even long distance when using a rapid stroke rate. It has less surface area making it easier to paddle but with less thrust with each stroke. Choose this paddle if you like a versatile paddle for deep water canoeing or river tripping. Choose strip style from drop down box. Finished with varnish and a wax buffing. Copper tip by request only.

  • Product Info

    Due to the nature of our lumber selection each paddle is very unique, large knots, nail holes, discoloration, and rot are all part of our lumber and we strive to showcase the uniqueness of each board. So please keep that in mind when ordering, if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to contact us and we can text a photograph for your approval prior to shipping. None of the so-called "defects" will adversly affect the paddles strength or characteristics.

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