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"The Old Man's" Poision Wood Mug

"The Old Man's" Poision Wood Mug

Needs no introduction, just a one of a kind beer mug made to last. Holds 16oz, finished with a hard epoxy coating on the inside, and a catalyzed metal lacquer on the outside. Copper was tarnished, riveted, and engraved. Please Allow 3-5 weeks for construction and shipping. Made right here in the USA. Make wood style selection in drop down box.
  • Product Info

    Due to the nature of our material selection each product we create is very unique. We strive to create a uniform product line while keeping the uniqueness of our materials in tact. That means that your mug is the only one, there may be others we create that are similar in design but none of them turn out exactly the same. Forgive us if that scares you, keep in mind that if you don't like it we will buy it back for the total price you paid (only one exception: custom mugs). So enjoy your mug because like you, each mug has a it's own story. Feel free to contact us and we can text a picture for approval prior to shipment.


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